Anyone else having subscription renewal issues?

This morning I’ve received the fourth credit card charge notification for my Feb 10th subscription renewal (Feb 10th, 11th, 17th, and now 23rd). My renewal has not shipped. Fortunately, these appear to be pre-authorizations, which eventually time out.

After second time I contacted support over chat, and this appears to be caused by the fact that flavor boosts are out of stock.

What I don’t understand is why 1) credit cards authorization attempts are even being made if product is can’t going to be shipped; 2) why orders aren’t being shipped with the flavor boosts being backordered; 3) why there is no mention the reason orders are being delayed in my customer account portal; and 4) there have been no direct communication (via email, etc.) that orders are being held back due to backordered flavor boosts.

As I mentioned to the rep in the chat, I’m happy with the product; but I’m increasingly frustrated about the order fulfillment and lack of communication – and I’m now very very very annoyed at repeated credit card authorization attempts when there is no intent/ability to ship product. It doesn’t give me a lot of confidence.

Dang. I’ve never subscribed so I haven’t been affected. But I like their flavor boosts and would no doubt have it on any reoccurring orders for me.

Yeah, that’s not right that the system is charging your card (or attempting to charge it) if there’s no product to ship. This is legit issue that needs to be ironed out pronto. You don’t eff with people’s money.

Oh and I certainly hope that when the flavor boosts come back in stock that the subscription people get theirs first.

Hi John! We are sorry that you are experiencing multiple issues with no successful order getting processed. One of our customer experience team member who you spoke with earlier has raised this issue with our tech team, and we are working on getting these subscription issues fixed!

I am going to get in touch with you to assist you further on editing your subscription hoping to get these issues fixed ASAP!