Scoops and cups

3 scoops make 1 cup, and 1 cup makes 1 meal (or 500 calories).

3 scoops = 450 calories roughly. How many scoops per meal is up to you

Hi @Tony_G,

Here’s a quick guide on how to make Huel.

The rough rule of thumb is 5 parts water then 1 part Huel, e.g 500ml of water first then add 100g of Huel. Feel free to add more water until you get the texture and sweetness level you prefer.

As you can imagine we’ve consumed a lot of Huel. This is our favourite way of preparing Huel, and we think it tastes pretty great…

400ml cold water

  • 3 scoops of Huel
  • three ice cubes (optional)
  • a teaspoon of coffee granules (optional)
  • blend or use a shaker
  • top up via the spout with another 200ml of water and re-shake

P.S. If you leave your Huel in the fridge over night it’s even better.

One level scoop of Huel is 38g = 150 calories (vanilla); 152 calories (unflavored/unsweetened), a small snack size (a standard-sized packet of Lays chips is 160 calories)
Two level scoops of Huel is 76g = 299 calories (vanilla); 305 calories (unflavored/unsweetened), a reasonable snack size (a Snickers bar is 250 calories).
Three level scoops of Huel is 114g = 448 calories (vanilla); 457 calories (unflavored/unsweetened), a small meal (a Subway Spicy Italian 6inch Sandwich Sandwich is 480 calories)


As a general caution there have been an number of posts confusion to frustration over the “5 part to 1 part” claim. That only can be understood when you post it as you did here showing you changed units (which matters because it indicates a change between measuring volume and mass). That may work in the UK because it happens that 1ml happens to equal 1 gram and cooking there is likely to (1) weigh things and (2) use metric units. Here if you say 5:1 ratio that would mean 5 cups water to 1 cup Huel which really is not right (yes our usage/system is imprecise, but it is whats used).

So you could say a “5:1 ratio by weight” and avoid confusion here, but you will probably still need additional explanation to explain you mean a ratio off ml to grams (since you can’t assume people will know 1 ml = 1 gram = 1 cm^3) and getting people to weigh their water is not very user-friendly.


Also, sidebar: it’s one regular, level scoop - as in don’t pack the scoop. A packed scoop is something like 70 grams - give or take, I can’t remember the exact number. But a regular scoop, shaken to level off is about 38 grams.

Hope that’s helpful - sorry if I’ve stepped on any toes. :slight_smile: