Sodium in Huel Black

Just purchased for the first time and haven’t received my product yet but did have a quick question. I see that Huel Black has over 400 of sodium. Any reason you use this much sodium? I’m excited to get my products and try them, this is just a question not a complaint. I’m trying to cut back on Sodium more so for blood pressure maintenance, it seems like almost all plant based protein powders more sodium than animal based powders.

Hey John - Sorry for the delay here, I must’ve missed this one!

Firstly, welcome to the US Huel forum. :slight_smile:

Great question! Huel contains sodium as it is an essential nutrient. The issue with sodium is when individuals consume excessive amounts daily.

Generally speaking, I do not believe 390-450mg (depending on flavor of Huel Black Edition) is a lot of sodium for a meal, especially if you are having three meals per day then a snack or two. If you compare Huel to other meals you may have instead, it can also become a bit more apparent that it really isn’t that much!

To give you a brief idea of why it contains this amount of sodium. Huel contains the 27 essential vitamins and minerals (including sodium) to meet daily value recommendations when consumed at 2000 calories of Huel alone. The daily value recommendation is less than 2300mg of sodium.

If you don’t mind me asking - how much sodium do you typically aim to consume each day and how often are you looking to consume Huel?

I am trying to figure out what my goal is? I am 58 years old and in pretty good shape, I’m trying to live healthier and lose about 10 pounds. I have had somewhat high blood pressure and do have medication but I try to only use it if my blood pressure starts going up and I have researched natural remedies and one thing that is consistent in this research is to lower sodium. My goal would most likely be to keep it under 2000. I take my blood pressure twice a day to make sure I control it. I have had high cholesterol all of my life and trying to manage that as well. I guess long story short I don’t like taking medication and want to control both of these naturally through dies and exercise. I bought the Huel Black, soup, and the bars. I am doing the shake in the morning after my workout, bar for a snack, soup for lunch. I then have one more snack unusually high protein yogurt with low sugar and a healthy meal with greens and lean protein for dinner. I typically work out twice a day, strength training in the morning, and cardio at night.

Hey John!

Completely understand! I asked as sometimes individuals may be given a recommendation after their doctor reviews their medical history - such as the DASH Diet and either less than 2300mg or less than 1500mg sodium daily, depending on the individual.

As I do not know your full history, I cannot give you a specific recommendation; however, more generally, your goal at the moment seems reasonable! Always best to check in with your doctor if unsure.

It also seems with the meals/snacks you’ve listed that you will be under the 2000mg goal you’ve set too, depending on how much sodium is in your dinner meal.

How are you feeling with the changes you’ve made so far?