Anyone trying to avoid sodium?

I have been looking into several meal alternatives mostly to avoid sodium. I am sure most of you know that if it comes in a package, out of a window, a can, or not made from scratch, it probably has too much sodium in it. My question is, are any of you using HUEL to try and avoid sodium? HUEL seems to be really great on everything with the exception of sodium, looks to be too much at 2.9G, am I correct on the amount contained in a serving of HUEL?

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If you check out Huel’s nutrition facts you can see that there is “410mg” per 500 calorie serving. If you scale that up to a 2000 calorie diet it is “1650mg” (Vanilla Huel) or “1.65 g”. This is actually less than 100% of the DV.

I can’t say I am using Huel to avoid sodium. I do sometime find myself caving salty things when on it.

Thanks for that reply, that helps, I am trying to restrict myself to less than a 1000mg a day which is hard to do if you just breathe normally, much less consume anything!

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Just curious, why?

Salt is pretty important - which is why we crave it so much. I don’t know if it’s even possible to get hyponatremia from not eating enough salt because that’s extremely rare in American diet. I’m not a doctor, but I work with a few and I’ve learned enough to know you need to educate yourself on your health, especially if/when you are placing extreme restrictions on your diet.

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Though maybe 1000 milligrams is not too extreme (still difficult though)

Don’t go below 500 according to

(Yes, people can easily find links to wikipedia but I’m sharing my information source)

ENT has me on a low sodium diet to try and get some fluid off of my inner ear, I have meniere’s disease and a low sodium diet along with lasix (diuretic) is one of the treatments suggested.

Good luck! 1.65 g is still pretty low relative to what the average American consumes, but if you are consuming a 2000 calorie diet trying to get under 1 g you will need find something something other than 100% Huel.

FWIW, the Unsweetened/Unflavored variety of Huel has very slightly less sodium (only 1.64 g/20000 cal) than the Vanilla variety if you are trying to incorporate any into your diet.

Agree. Would love to see some low sodium options. Tons of reasons folks want to decrease sodium intake (managing blood pressure, renal function, etc.). Especially since sodium is so plentifully available in the average American diet, lower sodium options with Huel would be great for folks who are consuming something other than Huel on a daily basis. Not saying this should be the default, and recognize that this might cause issues for people who use Huel as their primary / only source of food (as happened in the Soylent community), but having a low sodium option would be excellent, for folks who are looking to manage their sodium.