Six Months of Huel by the Numbers

In early July, I began eating Huel as my primary source of nutrition. I was already eating what would be considered by most people extremely healthy. No dairy, very little sugar, only meat was chicken breasts, lots of beans, rice, and veggies. My lab results from 2018 were completely normal and in healthy levels, so I wasn’t expecting a significant change after switching to Huel.

I was surprised by the results of my 2019 labs. Here are the main numbers. This was with zero change in exercise (I went from no exercise to…no exercise :slight_smile: )

To me, the key takeaway was even better cholesterol numbers with no change in protein, a slight dip in potassium, and a slight bump in calcium.

I’m happy to share any other numbers that are normally present in CBC diff/platelet, metabolic, lipid labs that anyone might be curious about. I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know what they all mean, anyway.

I posted this for people who are like, “I can’t get enough protein in a vegan/Huel diet!” From chickpeas, black beans, and chicken breast to Huel, and no change.

(Yes, I’m aware my HDL should be higher…see “zero exercise” comment above.)


I love this Randy, thank you for sharing!

Your HDL may look a little low but your LDL is looking good.

I would be interested to see your other results if you’re happy to share?

Out of interest, has your fibre intake changed at all?

Thanks for sharing this. Really interesting and also heartening for those of us on the Huel journey.

I never measured my nutrients before Huel, but my diet was pretty consistent. Oatmeal every morning, chicken / beans / rice for lunch, a vegetable or chicken-based dinner. Maybe once or twice a month I’d have a burger, ribs, etc. Popcorn pretty frequently as a snack. I’d say my fiber intake from the rice, beans, and oatmeal was probably pretty high.

						2018	2019
Cholesterol, Total		137		101
HDL Cholesterol			41		36
LDL Cholesterol Calc	69		46
Triglycerides			134		97
VLDL Cholesterol Cal	27		19
Protein					7		7
Glucose					81		79
Potassium				4.7		4.2
Sodium					143		141
Calcium					9.2		9.5
A/G Ratio				1.7		2
Albumin					4.4		4.7
Alkaline Phosphatase	87		97
ALT (SGPT)				27		23
AST (SGOT)				22		19
Bilirubin, Total		0.8		0.9
BUN						11		16
BUN/Creatinine Ratio	12		19
Carbon Dioxide, Total	25		23
Chloride				103		102
Creatinine				0.89	0.86
eGFR					105		105
Globulin, Total			2.6		2.3
Baso (Absolute)			0		0
Basos					1		0
Eos						3		3
Eos (Absolute)			0.2		0.2
Hematocrit				45.3	46.5
Hemoglobin				15.6	16.1
Immature Grans (Abs)	0		0
Immature Granulocytes	0		0
Lymphs					25		30
Lymphs (Absolute)		1.7		2
MCH						30.5	31
MCHC					34.4	34.6
MCV						89		90
Monocytes				10		8
Monocytes (Absolute)	0.7		0.6
Neutrophils				61		59
Neutrophils (Absolute)	4.2		4
Platelets				187		194
RBC						5.12	5.19
RDW						13.1	12.5
WBC						6.8		6.7
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Yeah I would agree with you.

Thanks for sharing!

It’s quite interesting because most people who share results tend to have gone from a relatively unhealthy diet to Huel, unlike yourself.

Thanks for sharing. Dan mentioned the HDL dropping, but this might be expected with a drop in total cholesterol, and the key point is your ratio of LDL:HDL has improved.

You say ‘Huel as my primary source of nutrition’, how much Huel and which products do you have?

I have Huel pretty much every meal. If we’re coming back from somewhere and want to stop at a restaurant, I’ll have some tacos or something like that. Occasional Chinese food. Even if I know we’re likely to go out to eat, I’ll throw a couple Ziploc baggies in the car so I have an option just in case the place we decide to eat is not something I want.

Regarding quantity, usually 1600 calorie day. I’m pretty small (140 lbs) and lead a sedentary life (work from home at my desk all day).

Here are my normal Huel meals including about how much of my diet they fill.

v1.1 Berry + water (50%)
50/50 v3 Vanilla/v3 Unflavored + water (30%)
12oz cold brew coffee + 50/50 v3 Vanilla/v3 Unflavored + water (15%)
50/50 Chocolate Black/Unflavored + a banana + water (5%)

I do 50/50 unflavored with all of the new Huels primarily because of the strong v3 Vanilla flavor, but also to reduce sweetener.

I have 11 bags of the v1.1 Berry left (I bought a bunch from the outlet after I tried the new Berry). Not sure what I’ll do when it runs out.

Hi @randyslavey

Thanks for that info; that’s interesting to hear and great to hear that you’re doing so well with Huel being the major part of your nutrition.

Hi Randy!

I admire your work. I want to support your own intentions at awkward angles.

I am teaching Huel at the top of my Twitter feed. I use your one infographic without named attribution.

Please let me know if I am out of line re-purposing this one image for this very important use!

Thank you!