Huel Review / Blood Work Results


Hello! I have been using Huel as a semi primary calorie source since April of 2018.
I am a 23 year old male nurse and I do CrossFit 3-4 times a week. I am 5’8" and around 165lbs.

My typical day breaks down like this (I mix ounces and grams, sorry):

Huel 500g
1 serving fruit
3oz chicken
30g avocado

Huel 500g
1 servings fruit
6 ounces veggies (brussle sprouts, green beans, corn etc)
Some amount of sauce, like marinara, basil pesto, garlic etc for the veggies
Serving of fish (sardines/tuna/salmon etc)

Huel 500g
1 serving fruit
Half serving of mixed berries
32g almonds or almond butter
3oz chicken
90g avocado
6 ounces veggies (Brussel sprouts, green beans, carrots, corn etc)
Some amount of sauce, like marinara, basil pesto, garlic etc for the veggies

Average daily macros (including “fudge” factor)
Calories: 2650-2750 calories
Protein: 165-175g
Carbohydrates: 225-275g
Fiber: 45-55g
Sugar: 45-55g (from fruit)
Fat: 90-100g
Saturated fat: 16-18g
PUFA: 35g-40g/day
MUFA: 35-40g/day
Trans: 0g/day

If I am traveling or with friends I’ll eat other food, like burritos pizza etc. I try not to socially limit myself with regards to food, because that makes life kinda sad and isolating.

In my time with using Huel, vanilla only, I had some on and off issues with gas and GI distress in the beginning. I learned to NEVER to 4 scoops of huel. I have not found any difficulty with my CrossFit workouts and have continued to PR lifts such as a 335lb deadlift,10 back squats at 270lbs etc. My conditioning has continued to improve and I have been able to build muscle and look leaner. I came to Huel looking for an inexpensive food source that I could use to get away from relying on cooking a bunch of chicken and eating rice/oatmeal/bread. Huel has helped me immensely in my meal planning and has not impaired my fitness goals. It is simple and tastes good, and makes me feel good.

I recently got a cholesterol test done.
Total cholesterol: 103
HDL cholesterol: 36
TC/HDL ratio: 2.8 (LOW RISK)

This cholesterol test was not done with fasting, so I am not sure about accuracy, but I find it interesting that I might need to INCREASE my cholesterol more than anything. I am not aware of accuracy issues in cholesterol testing or if there is any credible research about low cholesterol and health problems.

I will be getting a more thorough blood panel that will be done fasted later this week so I will update this post with those results. I would also be happy to answer any questions. Thanks! :smiley:


I has heard that very low LDL is actually bad, although this seems to be rare in patients. Check out this Mayo Clinic article

On a side note: you deadlift more than TWICE your own body weight? Holy ****. Not me, man. I already popped an inguinal hernia doing straight leg deadlifts years ago and had to have it surgically repaired and reinforced. From now on, I keep the weights modest.


Thanks for the article! It seems like there is confusion about causation/correlation so I’m not too worried. I got my blood work drawn today for a more comprehensive test so we’ll see what it says.

Sorry to hear about your herniation man, but I’m glad that you are still lifting weights. A lot of people get shy or scared away from fitness due to injuries but the benefits far outweigh the costs. Do what you can and what makes you happy!