Huel Review / Blood Work Results

Hello! I have been using Huel as a semi primary calorie source since April of 2018.
I am a 23 year old male nurse and I do CrossFit 3-4 times a week. I am 5’8" and around 165lbs.

My typical day breaks down like this (I mix ounces and grams, sorry):

Huel 500g
1 serving fruit
3oz chicken
30g avocado

Huel 500g
1 servings fruit
6 ounces veggies (brussle sprouts, green beans, corn etc)
Some amount of sauce, like marinara, basil pesto, garlic etc for the veggies
Serving of fish (sardines/tuna/salmon etc)

Huel 500g
1 serving fruit
Half serving of mixed berries
32g almonds or almond butter
3oz chicken
90g avocado
6 ounces veggies (Brussel sprouts, green beans, carrots, corn etc)
Some amount of sauce, like marinara, basil pesto, garlic etc for the veggies

Average daily macros (including “fudge” factor)
Calories: 2650-2750 calories
Protein: 165-175g
Carbohydrates: 225-275g
Fiber: 45-55g
Sugar: 45-55g (from fruit)
Fat: 90-100g
Saturated fat: 16-18g
PUFA: 35g-40g/day
MUFA: 35-40g/day
Trans: 0g/day

If I am traveling or with friends I’ll eat other food, like burritos pizza etc. I try not to socially limit myself with regards to food, because that makes life kinda sad and isolating.

In my time with using Huel, vanilla only, I had some on and off issues with gas and GI distress in the beginning. I learned to NEVER to 4 scoops of huel. I have not found any difficulty with my CrossFit workouts and have continued to PR lifts such as a 335lb deadlift,10 back squats at 270lbs etc. My conditioning has continued to improve and I have been able to build muscle and look leaner. I came to Huel looking for an inexpensive food source that I could use to get away from relying on cooking a bunch of chicken and eating rice/oatmeal/bread. Huel has helped me immensely in my meal planning and has not impaired my fitness goals. It is simple and tastes good, and makes me feel good.

I recently got a cholesterol test done.
Total cholesterol: 103
HDL cholesterol: 36
TC/HDL ratio: 2.8 (LOW RISK)

This cholesterol test was not done with fasting, so I am not sure about accuracy, but I find it interesting that I might need to INCREASE my cholesterol more than anything. I am not aware of accuracy issues in cholesterol testing or if there is any credible research about low cholesterol and health problems.

I will be getting a more thorough blood panel that will be done fasted later this week so I will update this post with those results. I would also be happy to answer any questions. Thanks! :smiley:

EDIT: Update with Blood Work

Total Cholesterol 123
LDL 66
HDL 47
Triglycerides 36
Total/HDL Ratio 2.6
Triglycerides to HDL 0.8
Non HDL Cholesterol 76

Apo B 60
Lp(a) <10

hs-CRP <0.2

HbA1c 4.7
Glucose 87

TSH 2.43

ALT 28
ALP 72
AST 22
Bilirubin 0.7
Albumin 4.6
Protein 6.7
Globulin 2.1
A/G Ratio 2.2

Creatinine 1.25
eGFR 81
BUN 19
Albumin 4.6

Sodium 139
Potassium 4.2
Chloride 106
CO2 28
Calcium 9.3

25 Hydroxy Vitamin D
ALP 72

Platelet 166
Mean platelet volume 11.9

HGB 15.7
HCT 45.6
RBC 4.96
WBC 4.2

The most concerning test to come back was the creatinine level. I had been taking a creatine supplement, so after talking with a physician I decided to put that on hold and retest my kidney function in a few months. Creatinine can be elevated in people who are lean and muscular or engaging in vigorous exercise so I’m not super concerned, but I’ll see what effect stopping the supplement will have.

I also need to go outside more for my Vitamin D level but I’m not really concerned about that.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with my lab levels and feel that a diet with a Huel base can help to support a healthy and active lifestyle.

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I has heard that very low LDL is actually bad, although this seems to be rare in patients. Check out this Mayo Clinic article

On a side note: you deadlift more than TWICE your own body weight? Holy ****. Not me, man. I already popped an inguinal hernia doing straight leg deadlifts years ago and had to have it surgically repaired and reinforced. From now on, I keep the weights modest.

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Thanks for the article! It seems like there is confusion about causation/correlation so I’m not too worried. I got my blood work drawn today for a more comprehensive test so we’ll see what it says.

Sorry to hear about your herniation man, but I’m glad that you are still lifting weights. A lot of people get shy or scared away from fitness due to injuries but the benefits far outweigh the costs. Do what you can and what makes you happy!