Order status Is Confusing

Where is my order?!? I placed my initial order late last week and I haven’t heard anything back regarding the status. Plus, it’s very confusing trying to log into your site and it doesn’t recognize my username or passwords. I’ve emailed the Huel Support team and I’ve heard nothing. Is there someone that can help? Thank you.

They’re not very quick at getting orders out. It has taken 2 - 3 business days for each of my orders to be mailed out once the order is placed each time I’ve done it.

If you don’t have a Fedex tracking link, your order has not yet been shipped.

I agree that their website does a crappy job of showing which phase your order is in. Would be great if there was some kind of status with an expected timeline.

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Thank you Scott for that information. That’s more information than I’ve gotten from Huel. It’s a bit alarming how many Huel subscribers are having issues and other Huel subscribers are helping out before Huel Support steps in…yikes!

I’ll shoot you a PM now with more information

Thank you Tyler for looking into this.