Shipping - Is this normal?

Hi everyone. I am still waiting on my Huel order and I’m not sure if this is normal.

I ordered 10/10. Got a tracking number 10/12. Still says label created. I emailed customer service last week. They said it would be delivered 10/19 and sent me a tracking number for an order that had been delivered in a different city. My order was not delivered 10/19.

I emailed customer service again. They were super nice and created a new order for me. That was on 10/20. That one also still says label created.

I now have two shipments stuck in label created. I will give the second one the the full 72 hours as stated in the email before I contact customer service again, but after 48 hours and still with label created status, I am not hopeful.

I went ahead and canceled my subscription because it was scheduled to renew in about two weeks and I haven’t even gotten the first order.

After such a long explanation, I guess I am asking is this the new pandemic normal for Huel? Can anyone tell me how long it normally takes your shipments to move past the label created stage?

Hi Becca, I just messaged you about this!

Has this been resolved? Curious to know your experience. Thanks!


The original tracking still says label created, since October 12. I have given up on that one and don’t really need it now that they have sent a replacement. The replacement order says delivery date today! Customer Service has been super responsive and I truly appreciate them. I am so hoping Huel can fix their fulfillment issues.

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Amazing to hear it & we are hoping that you are enjoying our products!