Selling 2 bags (1 opened and 1 unopened) - Texas

Hi everyone!

I am selling 1 unopened bag of unflavoured/unsweetened Huel. I also have an opened bag of which I used about 6-9 scoops (it’s almost full), which is also for sale. I will also throw in the banana flavor packet for free (which I also opened but barely used). You can also have the shirt (size M) if you want. I haven’t worn it yet.

Unfortunately Huel isn’t for me at all. Since I hate vanilla, I decided to go for the unflavored/unsweetened version and I can’t keep it down, not even when I mix it with cinnamon, cocoa, or what have you. Since I don’t have the time or the equipment to experiment with the flavours too much (I am an international grad student and I’m only here for 1 more semester so buying a blender would be stupid), it makes no sense for me to keep trying.

I decided to try Huel because as a grad student I barely have time to cook (although I enjoy cooking). I’m also vegan and I find it hard to feed myself properly in Texas. Sadly, buying Huel seems to have caused more problems than it solved. :frowning:

If you’re in Texas or anywhere near College Station (Texas A&M), I’d prefer to exchange it for cash in person, but I will ship as well.

Price is negotiable, but my main objective is not to waste any food or have to throw it away (!), so I’m happy to sell the unopened bag for $25 and the opened bag for $15 to get at least half my money back.


Add one packet of stevia to your U/U Huel and chocolate. I understand you don’t like vanilla, but vanilla has the stevia already built into it. So it’s not just flavored but also sweetened. You need to have some kind of sweetener with Huel to counteract the blandness of the protein and flaxseed.

Hi! Thank you for answering. Can I buy Stevia packets in regular stores here (Walmart, HEB…)? I’m sorry if that’s a stupid question, but I’m from Europe and I only know stevia as an actual plant or already mixed in with a product.

Hey @terry_w, yes you should be able to find stevia in most grocery stores. Walmart should have some too.

Oh yeah. Stevia packets are ubiquitous here. Lots of options. Just go generic walmart brand to keep the cost low. It should really make a difference with U/U Huel.

Thank you both!
I’m going to try and get through the opened bag with stevia and cocoa, but I still really want to get rid of the second bag as I hate wasting food, so if anyone wants to take it off my hands, that’d be swell!

$25 sounds good for unopened bag and a shirt. I’m down

…what about shipping :slight_smile:

Hi! I suppose we can split the shipping if that works for you? I have no idea how much it will be, but the bag is heavy so your guess is as good as mine. Where are you from? Also, would using Paypal be ok? The shirt is the black ladies one, by the way (although I can’t tell what’s ladies about it haha)––I’m not really a t-shirt person, so I’m happy to pass it along.

Hm I may be having second thoughts

Yeah sorry, I’ll stick to buying from Huel

That’s fine, I totally understand. Believe me, I’d rather return it to them, but I’m not sure they would take just one bag back. >___>

EDIT: Looks like Huel will let me return the unopened bag after all, which means it’s no longer for sale.

I’d still be grateful for tips how to make the opened U/U bag taste better so that I can finish it. I’m getting some stevia packets and cocoa today. I have no blender/mixer so smoothies are out of the question. Also, I’m vegan, so no need to suggest honey. Thank you <3.

Heyo! Try only doing two scoops with the unflavored rather than three. Perhaps lessening the amount will make it more “water-like” and easier to drink. It took me a bit to acquire the taste for the unflavored and now it’s the only one that I drink.

Thank you for the advice, Tyler. I tried 2 scoops of Huel with a packet of stevia and a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa (+ some cinnamon) and water today and it actually tastes fine (like a weird chocolate milkshake)! I can’t see myself drinking this every day, but it’ll certainly do for time-pressed moments and exam period. :slight_smile: