Selling 1.5 bags, US (Seattle area)

1 unopened vanilla, 1 opened unflavored with about half remaining

$30, shipping extra

Great way to try it out. Latest US version, bought two weeks ago, expiration December 2018.

Hi James! :wave: Is there any reason you no longer want your Huel? Anything we can help to resolve?

Hi Teresa. Huel is just much too thick. I really liked it otherwise. But I can only fit 700 calories’ worth in a 1.33 liter shaker bottle while having it be drinkable. That’s about 3 pounds of “food” for 2.5 energy bars in calories. If I add more powder, it has too many lumps. I’m an athlete and try to eat 2,500-3,000 calories per day. With Jake (, I can fit 1,500 calories in the same bottle, and it’s still thinner than Huel. So I just couldn’t get enough calories in with Huel.

Interesting argument. Not sure if you have looked at their label but maltodextrine is the second ingredient that combined with sucralose is not a good combo… Have you considered a bigger shaker bottle? Huel is clearly the better product. If you still have the product I’d be happy to purchase it from you… I’m in beautiful Portland :smiley:

Did you have success selling these bags? I’m trying to sell 2 bags of unopened Vanilla over here on the East Coast.

Hi! I’m interested in purchasing your unopened bags, but I’m curious as to why you don’t want them? I’m having a hard time finding their return policy and it makes me nervous to get on board. I would like to try it and would be happy to help you out. Let me know if you still have them!

Hi @missroyalty :blush:

Hi @missroyalty, the bags are gone. I didn’t want them because the Vanilla flavor doesn’t work for me. Their return policy is definitely on the site somewhere, I’ve seen it. I think you can only return unopened products within 30 days. Good luck!

So, if you don’t like it you are stuck with it?


They have a refund policy. I included the link to it on their website above also.

if you find that Huel is not for you for any reason, please reach out and we can offer you a refund or do anything else we can to make you happy. :blush:

I have 5 unopened gluten-free vanilla bags that I want to return or sell. I am also in the Seattle area.

I have been grain free for 5+ years and found that introducing the grain from Huel back into my diet isn’t working. I am going back to my clean protein and veggies only. Unfortunately, I Love Huel! The taste, the texture, the easiness of making meals. I just can’t handle the grain.

Let me know if anyone is interested. Otherwise, I have to return them.

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I’d be interested in them if they’re still available, how much are you asking for them?

Hello, I was thinking $20 a bag. I am not sure where you are, but if I am going to ship them to you I’d also like to split the shipping with you. Where you interested in them all?