FREE Vanilla Huel, 2 bags

I have two unopened bags of Vanilla Huel that are beyond the return date. They expire 11/2018. The sucralose is doing some funky things to my gut so I need to get rid of these, and I hate to waste food, so these are for free. I live in the Boston area if someone wants to pick up, or you can pay the cost of shipping. Pretty sure I can fit both of these in one Priority Mail large box for $19. I hope someone else can enjoy them!

Hello, I’m interested in them! I can pay pal you the money for shipping. is my contact info

I work in the Hancock tower. If the Huel is still available, I’d be willing to meet to pick up.

Hi Chris,
Unbelievably, they are already taken. But if the other person doesn’t follow through, I work in the Back Bay sometimes so it would be an easy meet up.