Ripple Pea Protein Milk

So I see a lot of posts about different kinds of milk alternatives being used but I haven’t seen anyone talk about pea milk. Anyone tried Ripple in their shakes or other brands? Seems like a perfect fit with both being made with pea protein.

Yes. It’s pretty tasty, IMO.


Great question! Thanks for the tip, @Deron! While this video doesn’t mention pea milk specifically, it has a lot of helpful info on basically every other kind of mylk.

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Thanks, @Teresa_Huel for sharing that. Any idea why pea milk wasn’t included in that? I did purchase some unsweetened vanilla Ripple and mixed about a half cup in my shake this morning and it added a nice creaminess to my Huel. Only added 40 calories and zero additional sugar.

I’m not sure, actually! It was produced by my UK teammates, so maybe pea mylk is less common across the pond. Sounds delish tho!

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Ripple is sometimes difficult to find in local stores. That’s the only reason we don’t keep it stocked in my house. The grocery store has limited supply and so it’s only on the shelf ever so often. So, I just end up rotating in whatever brand or type of non-lactate-containing milk products are sale. Truth be told, any milk seems to work with Huel. It’s just my pancreas doesn’t want to make Lactase enzyme, so the milk needs to be lactose free. Lazy organ. It should be more like my kidneys which work really well.