Reusable Boba/smoothie straw? (& Also got my friend in on Huel)

Has anyone invested in some reusable straws? I’m considering it, I keep looking like a baby bird at work. Or a baby bat that’s eating from a syringe and making a mess. :joy: I’m bad with spilling water bottles on my face in the first place, so I could have predicted this.

Also, I decided to share the love and gave my friend one of my bags of Huel to try. She loved it and wound up ordering a couple bags and they showed up next day! She used to have protein shakes for breakfast until the vegan brand she liked got too expensive. She and I both have milk issues, hers with lactose and mine with the protein, so even if we’re not strictly vegan ourselves we stan vegan food!

Thank you for not hurting cows or our tummies.

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I never thought about using a straw… well shoot - that’d help me out xD I got a five (maybe it was four…) pack of Bubba straws from Academy Sports ( link ) they work really well for water lol, I’ll give it a shot tomorrow with my Huel.

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Reporting back: the straws work beautifully. Idk why I didn’t think of this myself. Gold star you.