Referral Bonus is $15 for new people and $10 for me?

My kid just started a subscription and their account says new referrals are worth $15 each. I went into my account and it still says $10. How can long-time customers get the $15 referral bonus?

Here are screen shots from my kid’s account and mine:

For what it’s worth, I also show 9 “pending” referrals.

Looks like someone just fixed it. Thanks!

(still show 9 pending referrals, though)

Hey there! Sorry for the confusion😁 We just recently began providing $15 refer-a-friend discounts as opposed to $10. I’m glad to see someone on our team was able to help you out! I’d be happy to look into those pending referrals for you as well.

Happy Holidays!:snowflake: If you need anything in the future just give us a shout.

Thanks, Christian. I still have some unused codes, but once those are gone, it would be nice if the Pending ones were available.