Ready to Drink Berry made me very sick

So, I have been receiving routine shipments of Huel ready-to-drink (berry flavor) since, I’d say, around March. I really was enjoying them and was happy to have them in the morning as I’m terrible at making myself breakfast.
This last shipment, though… the ingredients must have changed as the ready-to-drink berry bottles are now making me violently ill. I had to leave work last Saturday in the middle of my shift because I couldn’t stop vomiting. I didn’t realize it was the Huel until I had it again yesterday morning, only to run into the same problem. Fortunately, I was able to make it through work, but I felt nauseous throughout the rest of the day.
Did something change in the formula and is there any way I can return my unopened bottles?

Hey, really sorry to hear this.

The ingredients and suppliers have not changed at all.

I’m not trying to shift the blame, just asking the question are you sure it’s not a stomach bug or food poisoning from something else you ate?

If you’re sure it is Huel let me know and I will get one of the Customer Experience guys to get your details and sort this out ASAP.

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