Questions before i buy

I posted this morning but it never showed up. I think i am about to place my first order. My first goal is to get my health back. Second goal i need to lose 40 pounds by the end of September. Is the doable? What all should I be buying? Do i need to eat traditional food? Any help is appreciated!

It would really depend on how overweight you are. I was losing 10lbs a month fairly consistently for the first 5 months of huel. I have since plateaued but I was pretty heavy. I use about 1200 cal of huel and would eat a big plain salad with salsa for lunch every day. Then for dinner I eat whatever steamed veggies I feel like.

Hey @Pjdtb :grin:

Awesome to hear this!

How did you come to the number 40 lbs?

As @Ninety8neonacr mentioned, there are a few things to consider here including (but not limited to) your height/weight as well as your history.

With weight loss, it depends on what you’re consuming overall each day as well as your physical activity level and history. How often are you thinking of including Huel and what do you typically consume now?

i need to get healthy body so which product from huel i should purchase?

Hey @bilal - welcome to the US Huel forum! :slight_smile:

It really depends on your preferences and daily needs when it comes to which Huel would be best.

We have this awesome page that may be able to help guide you too!