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I have a question about the amount of Huel you actually get with the order. Forgive me if this seems like a redundant question but I just wanted some clarification. According to the nutrition information a full serving of Huel is 1 Cup and according to the order information you get 28 meals worth. Am I correct in my understanding that it is basically 14 cups of power per bag and each scoop is 1/4 of a cup? I ask because I have been researching the different powder mixtures and Huel seems like it would met my needs the best since the way it is packaged does not require you to mix up a large amount at once. Any clarification would be appreciated.

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Thanks for bringing this up! There is some existing confusion on this topic. See No Scoop? No Problem! and Calories per scoop: which is correct the booklet or this forum?.

I really should have checked the scoop with actual measuring cups while I was around the. My interpretation of the most recent information clarifies that 1 scoop is about 150 calories. Very light research shows that there is a 20 percent margin of error allowed on nutrition fact labels. If the scoop is 1/4 cup, then 4 scoops would be about 600 calories which would be within the margin of error of the Nutrition Facts, so until there is official clarification it would seem the 14 cups figure is likely correct. Note: I am sure Huel, like most things, is packaged by weight rather than volume. Settling (compaction) may occur and (unless you are weighing your scoops) not all scoops will contain the same amount of powder. This would be part of why the nutrition facts say “approximately.”

Huel seems like it would met my needs the best since the way it is packaged does not require you to mix up a large amount at once

I just opened my bag today I was impressed with the quality of the packaging material. The tore very cleanly where I was supposed to open it (no risk of accidentally tearing into the zipper) then there was a double row of ziplock (or appropriate generic name) zippers that seemed to seal well and be of good quality. Repeated entry will show whether it actually holds up but so far I am encouraged.

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Thank you and yes you are correct here both on the amounts and on Huel being packaged by weight and not volume, as are the majority of similar products in this space.

Each scoop is approximately 150 calories, and we will be making some updates to our collateral to clarify and simplify this piece of the experience.

Glad you enjoy the packaging, we strive to make sure the bag has a consistent, clean tear and re-seals well to eliminate the frustration you may face with other brands, but most importantly to ensure product quality.

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I spent a little time today with the scoop and a food scale. I want to be reasonably accurate in my measurements without weighing every meal. So I weighed one scoop over and over again, getting a sense of what one scoop should look like. It’s always going to be a little different, but this way I’m able to be pretty consistent.


Granted this may vary by scooping method, but can you share what your determined measurement was? I don’t have a food scale, but I am curious.

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I was getting a consistent 35-37 grams to a loose scoop, scooping the powder and sort of shaking off the top without physically leveling it. That works well because I’m making 70 gram portions.


The nutrition facts indicates (1 cup = 127 grams) so taking your average of 36 grams, are getting a little more than 1/4 cup with your scooping method. Specifically you are getting 36/177 cups which equals (1/4 cup + 1/30 cup + 1/7620 cup).

I do not know if this will be helpful to anyone besides my own curiosity, but I had access to some dry scoops so I thought to investigate this the scoop is “1/4 cup” claim.

Disclaimer: dry measurements are hard, which is why the most accurate way to do recipes and get consistent results is by weight (even though that method is not popular here in the US). I have known this for a long time, but looking into the Huel scoop, I now understand it. Huel is not at fault at all for dry measurement of its powder being somewhat imprecise.

Transferring from one dry scoop (or measuring up) to another was terribly imprecise because in the transfer I lost compaction. In fact, I could not make 1 Huel scoop fit in either a 1/4 c or a 1/3 c dry measure. But nor could I make them fit in the Huel scoop going the other way around.

Switching to liquid, I found that the Huel scoop more closely matches the volume of my 1/3 cup measure. (After i did this, I noticed that all the measures I used has a liquid marking as well (1/4c = 59.1ml, Huel Scoop = 70ml, 1/3c = 80ml. However, the Huel scoop has a more narrow opening so probably had different compaction characteristics, so it still could be a true 1/4 cup dry measure.

I keep a plastic knife in my bag and use the “dip and sweep” method. Since the scoop is transparent, I notice that I often times have a corner of the scoop that is absent powder, so do a single stab the knife to break it up enough that it falls in. If I didn’t do that, I would probably be closer to 1/4 cup. As is, I am pretty sure I get a bit more than 1/4 cup per scoop.

My opinion: depending on your scooping method, the Huel scoop is somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 cup. If you are using more traditional measuring cups, I would agree that someone doing a quick/imprecise scooping of Huel is probably closer to 1/4 cup, but for some scooping methods 1/3 cup might be closer.

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I just started with Huel today and like it ok,
so here is my remarks or question to portion size.
I found that 3 scoops equals 1 cup of Huel and 500mL equals 2 cups of water.
How is this 5:1?
it works out to 2:1

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Sorry for the confusion. It’s a 5:1 ratio in terms of volume, not weight. :+1:


I was always confused by this as well so just completely discounted the directions as something I did not have the facilities to easily measure because of the mix of weight and volume measures.

I would read that to mean 5 scoops of water to 1 scoop of Huel. This would mean 1050 ml of water per 3 scoops. That seems a lot thinner than I expect and would not even fit in the shaker bottle.

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am i right in saying that for ease of use…
1 cup huel to 2 cups water

this is way easier than 3 scoops and 400ml etc…

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Hi Phil,
At the end of the day, do whatever works best for you! If 1 cup of Huel and 2 cups of water provides a consistency and calories that work for you, then great! Personally, I do about 450ml with 2.5-3 scoops. Our customer support specialist, @Sothan_Huel, does 2 scoops. Basically, experiment with it and adjust Huel to suit your needs and you can’t go wrong. :slight_smile:

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As Teresa said it is flexible to preference. Doing it that way you are probably getting a few more calories than if you did three scoops and it is probably a little thicker than the “basic” recipe where normally you’d add more water after shaking with the 400ml.

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I always advise caution when using scoops instead of a scale, refer to my earlier post from another thread

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New to Huel but also wondering, is there a recommended difference to how many scoops a male should use vs a female? My wife has shown interest in the product now that I’ve ordered some up.


That will really come down to how many calories each wishes to consume. Gender will impact how many calories an individual wants to consume, but there are a bunch of other factors such as age, activity level, size, dietary goals, that are also relevant. Any general advice would be making too many assumptions.

You might find the following guide helpful. It also include a link to a calorie calculator to help estimate how many calories an individual should target.

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