How many scoops do you use to make a meal? whats the nutrition per scoop?


I had a quick question and is quite evident from the title. How many scoops do you guys use.

It depends how you scoop, but officially one scoop is approximately 150 calories.

I use 3 scoops per meal. If you figure that is 450 calories, then just take the 500 calorie column on the Nutrition Facts times 0.9 to get the nutrition per scoop.

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So, would that be 3 scoops per 16oz of water?

yes! 3 scoops to 500ml-700ml water = 459 Cals approximately

How many scoops per pack of fuel then??

I am trying to calculate how many meals of 450 cals I get with a single packet.

Good question, I’ll let you know when I empty my bag, I’m currently doing a 2 meal a day, and haven’t reached the halfway on bag one yet, and I am only on day 4.

Hi there! There are approximately 14 of the 500kcal meals per bag of Huel. That would mean there is about 42-56 scoops per bag. So depending on how many scoops you use for your meals will determine how long your supply lasts.

I’m laughing at myself because I’m so befuddled by math. I’ve been having 3 Huel shakes per day. For each one I’m using 1 scoop of Huel and 5 scoops of liquid (water, juice, cashew milk). So am I literally only having 500 cals per day? I thought each shake was 500 cals. No wonder my hands-free waist leash almost fell off me after the first week on Huel.


3 scoops of Huel using 500-700 ml of water/or your choice of mix = approx. 500 cal. 14 meals per/bag.

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Aside from the calories from the juice/cashew milk, you are correct: ~500 calories/day (probably a bit less since three scoops is nominally 450 calories).

I am new here and I haven’t even tried Huel yet, still waiting on my first shipment, but it has been my experience from other meal replacement powders that using scoops can be an unreliable way to measure depending on how much the scoop is packed. One scoop can be 20% off either way. The best way to ensure you are eating the correct amount is to measure with a kitchen scale. According to the nutritional values, 500 calories is 127 grams, so for every 100 calories you wish to make your meal add 25.4 grams of powder. I typically had 300 calorie meals so I will add 76.2 grams of powder and see how that works for me in the beginning. Scales are pretty cheap, I have one for home and one for the office, I think they were like 9 bucks on amazon.


This is exactly what I was looking for!

I use 3 scoops/26 ounces of water on most days. On days when I’m going to be home and able to snack more frequently, I use 2 scoops/16 ounces of water.

2 scoops isn’t really enough to get me through to my break time on days that I work.

This becomes my first meal of the day, around 11AM-12PM (I don’t eat breakfast, I never have for the most part unless forced to lol, to the constant consternation of my family). I eat regular food after that.