Piling on the pounds with Huel?!

Hey all. I’ve done my first week with Huel replacing two meals with three scoops using just water to mix. I’m doing this as I’ve always kept my weight at my desired level, but in the last few months I hit the beer hard and gained some weight. I followed the ‘Seth’ lose fat approach from the Huel booklet to the letter …And I’ve gained 3lbs in a week??!

Anyone else have this problem? I definitely feel bloated and fatter - and I noticed this before stepping on the scales. And to my horror I WAS fatter.

Thinking maybe Huel isn’t for me as I’ve never had a problem sustaining or shedding weight with normal food.

I have friends who’ve lost weight following the same ‘Seth’ diet. Don’t know why it’s gone so wrong for me lol.

Part of me things I should carry on to see if my body ‘adjusts’ to the Huel… Part of me thinks I should knock it on the head at the risk of gaining even more weight.

Any advice?

I have no idea who seth is or why following his diet would be a good idea.

Consumer fewer calories and exercise more

Admittedly, i don’t exercise at all and i was only eating one meal a day … so maybe i have no advice to give?

Haha they sent out a Huel booklet thingy with suggested diets for weight loss and ‘Seth’ was one of the diet plans. I assume Seth doesn’t exist.

Unless you’ve eaten 10,500 calories over your maintenance level calories this week, you didn’t gain fat weight. It’s probably water weight. Be patient, legitimate weight loss takes time. :slight_smile:

(Imaginary) Seth may also be a bigger guy than you Ryan so needs to cut his calories less to see weight loss compared to you.

There is a little bit more to it than that but that may be a reason.

Also as mentioned by the other helpful people on this thread it can take a bit of time to see results.

Not to worry, this fat loss guide and calorie calculator should help you out a bit.

Anymore questions send them my way.

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I don’t know. I have lost 20 pounds over the past four months.