Personal experence on being a Diebetic and Huel

OK, I have type Two Diabetes, I have been struggling to control my blood sugar for some time, I began a Keto style Diet about 6 months ago, and have managed to get my blood sugar down to a reasonable level and maintain (100-118), I have since switched to 2 Huel a day with a sensible dinner, and have not seen an increase in my sugars, in fact I have dropped another 8 points for the last 4 days so I am holding at 99 - 110 range, which is incredible!! and I haven’t felt the Carb cravings I did on 100% Keto… (all with Dr. Approval)!!


That is awesome news. I too have recently been diagnosed with type 2 and I just got my Huel package today. Going to start off with replacing a meal a day to see how I feel and what effect it has on my levels. If I see positive results, I will swap w meals and have solid food at dinner.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

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That is so great to hear, Corey! :clap: We love hearing stories like this one. Keep it up! :muscle:

Keep us updated on your progress! Excited to hear what Huel does for you. :blush:

Good job, Corey!

I concur with your results. While I have only been using Huel 1 to 2 times a day for three weeks, my bg has stabilized at a lower ( much lower) level than previously.
For that reason as well as it helping me drop weight, I will
be using Huel as a permanent part of my dietary needs.


Well I’m on my 3rd week? or is it second… lol it’s all blending together, anyway… my bs this morning was at 90, I’ve never been down to 90 in a morning in a long time, I tested it 3 times to be sure… I’m duly impressed, and I had a big dinner the night before…

well tonight I had to actually take a glucose tab because I GOT THE SHAKES, and tested in at 66… which is real low… I think its time I add more to my program, BTW I’m 2 huel a day with a fixed portion dinner 40% protein 30% carbs 30% fats… and of course 3 snacks, like an apple, cheese stick, or kind bar… etc.

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Any updates? I’m a type 1 looking into incorporating a shake a day.


My a1c went from 7.4 pre huel to 5.8 as of my last Dr visit.
While Huel is not the only change I’ve made, it is a significant one. One that I intend to continue.


Tried IF yet ?

suggest researching other Dr Jason Fung VDO’s

My a1c is… less than optimal. Some of my biggest issues are that I was diagnosed type 1 at 22 and have had a hard time converting to a healthy eating style for a few reasons. It’s hard to give up a lot of the food, if I cut down to the carbs I should eat I lose weight too fast and I’m already quite skinny, and to eat the amount of healthy food I would need to not lose weight I’d need a lot of money I don’t have.

I am hopeful that Huel can help me in these regards, but I still am having a bit of a hunger issue about a week in.

Are you weighing your scoops? How many scoops are you using? There’s a good chance you aren’t getting enough calories.

I would second Teresa about weighing your scoops with a cheap gram scale. They’re on amazon for a reasonable price and help with Huel and all other food. It sounds like Huel is really helping you out and you are making huge steps in controlling your blood sugars and avoiding the dangers of diabetes, so that’s great! Keep up the awesome work!