Personal apology from Julian (Huel Founder) on why shipping is taking longer than normal

@Grizzle we have the data about our deliveries you don’t and I can assure you that things are worst during covid.

Even if there were hundreds of complaints it would still be a tiny percentage of the total orders sent, your data is simply too small to make an informed decision.

We may switch to UPS, but first we need to conduct a full review.


I just want to chime in on my support for a switch to UPS. I get much more reliable, consistent deliveries from UPS. With FedEx, it’s a crap shoot. I’d even pay more if you used UPS, or gave us a choice.

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Fedex is having its problems. I am totally jonesing for my bags of H & S. My package arrived at the hub on Friday (20 miles away, 2 miles from my job).Tracking said I would get it today Monday. It was to be my dinner tonight. Just now, tracking has been updated to Wednesday. I ordered it the first day I could. Even at my job, we are having delivery issues with them recently.

I understand the delays due to covid but the email was confusing. Maybe write in the email, your box is on a trailer waiting for fedex to pick up. On top of that fedex was lazy in scanning so the status didn’t update until the day before it arrived. So I went friday to midday wednesday having no idea why the tracking wasn’t updating. I really hate fedex. They don’t deliver my packages to my door and just leave them stacked in my apt complex mail area on the ground. Where anyone can grab them and I get no notification when a package arrives. I’ve had multiple packages stolen or opened, including my recent huel order. They have also dropped my package in the street and left it. UPS is so much better.

Definitely agree. I think we all understood a long time ago @Grizzle is frustrated. But although this is essentially social media with some degree of anonymity, it still doesn’t excuse blatant rudeness. A touch of class is always a welcome touch . . . .


Hi @Julian-Huel it has been nearly 4 weeks. How did the review go? And can you please tell us what you’re doing to improve shipping?

I just restarted my subscriptions so I am hoping you have made drastic improvements. However, when I noticed the Huel Black is backordered until the 20th my hopes have been blunted somewhat. Meaning I won’t get my order until at least 12 days after I place the order today, but it could turn out to be 25 days if I get the 2 week delivery time again. I know this is a little different because you’re back-ordered, but it goes adds to the shipping problem

Please let the community know the outcome of your review. Thank you.

Hey! I have personally sent you a message to help you with your current order situation.

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The review went pretty well, we contacted 10 well respected D2C brands and they were or had been all experiencing a slow down in their deliveries due to covid and an increased in online orders as a whole.

In summary…

  • We placed test order we several d2c brands, and Huel’s order was the fastest to arrive (3 days)
  • All brands we spoke to have experienced a slow down in their delivery times
  • 97.93% of our orders in Oct are reaching our customers within 3-5 days.
  • We have established that all carriers have been experiencing issues in various states depending on their own infrastructure constraints
  • This is improving and we are seeing the FedEx network settle back to more normal levels.

I apologise for Black Edition Chocolate being on back order. We have had an unfortunate delay in transit from our manufacturer. We are working hard with our manufacturer to get this back on track and to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


Thank you for the effort and the response. I’m very impressed with your willingness to interact with your customers and with your drive to make Huel even better. :+1:


Thank you @Grizzle :heart_eyes: