New Peanut butter black

If someone asked me what my favorite meat is right now I would tell them peanut butter…it’s my meat of choice. That being said peanut butter is sacred to me and when someone tells me it tastes like peanut butter it better taste like peanut butter.

You have products that says peanut butter but does not taste anything like peanut butter.

So my question is to anyone who tries the new huel black peanut butter can you tell me if it’s got it right or if it tastes like the other version of peanut butter already in the current flavors and bars?

I’m glad Huel is doing bar samples now as I ordered bars and was forced to buy 2 full boxes and not enjoy it one little bit. If this new huel tastes like real peanut butter I’m going to be drinking 3 a day until I hate peanut butter :upside_down_face: but I don’t want to buy another bag of food I won’t eat.

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I just add powdered peanut butter to my chocolate black along with salted caramel flavor boost… 50 calories more and 6g of protein. Problem solved (although PB Black is next on my hit list).

I agree! I just tried the peanut butter flavor boost from the sample pack and didn’t care for it (and I LOVE PB Everything)

Is the flavoring in the new powders the same as the flavor boost?

Love the support from our customers! We hope our Peanut Butter flavor is as good as you all expect it to be but we are here to hear your honest feedback as well!

I ordered the peanut butter black edition on Thursday and it arrived at my house on Sunday…that being said, I have personally killed a bag already. Its so damn good. Peanut butter is my favorite when it comes to anything. It’s legit!

gonna have to add 6 bags to my monthly sub


It is AWESOME!! Another great option…


So happy to hear this @Killercalfe and @Tomtom!! :tada: Have you tried mixing it with any other flavors yet - or do you prefer just peanut butter?!

@Charlotte_Huel I love pure peanut butter so much i haven’t yet considered mixing it, especially since I’m down a bag already and I’m sharing the second bag with people at work, but I intend to mix. First with chocolate, then with chocolate w/ banana flavor booster.

In the morning tomorrow I will try 17oz of black coffee with 1 scoop of coffee caramel and 1 scoop peanut butter. Then try the other two combos I mentioned above.

I already got one new huelagin because of how good the peanut butter is.

Definitely love hearing this … and don’t forget about our Refer a Friend program (I linked it here just in case)!!

I’ve heard coffee caramel and peanut butter are great together! And another delicious combination that a colleague has tried is a “PB&J” of sorts with peanut butter and vanilla blended with some berries. I am sure you could also do two scoops of peanut butter for added peanut butter flavor and then blend with some berries too! :slight_smile:

Keep us posted on any fun and delicious flavor combinations you try!

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I got my PB black on Saturday and have had two already and I’m looking forward to having one for lunch; it’s chilling in the fridge now. It’s got a roasted peanut flavor that’s really good mixed with vanilla or chocolate Huel.


Those combinations of flavors sound delicious! :grin:

Does it have a sweet taste or just peanutty?

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More peanutty, like roasted peanuts. I don’t think it’s sweet on its own, but when you mix it with chocolate, it tastes like peanut butter cups; imho.


We all love the taste of peanut butter cups too! :pray:t3:


I got my first Peanut Butter Black bag last weekend, and so far it’s pretty tasty. Much better than the flavor boost sample I tried, which was basically “smells like peanut butter, tastes the same as without it”.

I’m probably weird, but I like mixing the PB with a little sugar free fruit flavor drink mix, makes it taste kinda like a PB&J sandwich in shake form!

Vanilla Black is still my favorite, but PB is a close second. Coffee Caramel is good too, but I got tired of it after one bag. (Not a big coffee drinker to begin with.)

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I just got the Peanut Butter Huel 3.0 and I am loving it. I was thinking about doing one scoop of the Peanut Butter and one of the Berry Huel 3.0. Instant PB&J shake.

What do you think?

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Well that sounds very good to me and so easy to make too! Let us know how it goes if you give it a try! :slight_smile:

The PB&J shake is good, half and half PB and berry does taste like a PB&J, or at least what I remember them tasting like.


Just ordered my first 2 blacks of PB and SC and 1 bag each of Hot & Savory. Looking forward to it!

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Have you ever tried Peanut Butter powder such as PB2? My guess is they use the same stuff to make their PB Huel. Since PB Powder has been refined, and reduced, it will likely not taste as good as the stuff real PB you get from a jar. If you have a blender, you can just blend your own PB with Huel.