Peanut Butter Black Edition

The new Peanut Butter Black Edition is the most delicious Huel product I have had thus far. It is unbelievably yummy!! Please don’t change anything about it, it’s perfection!!


We truly appreciate your feedback! Peanut butter is truly something special! :innocent:

Yeah these new flavors of Huel have been amazing. The coffee caramel and the peanut butter. I took a chance and ordered a bunch of these bags so I’m glad it all worked out…

And us long time Huel drinkers know that any new flavor / version of Huel was always a gamble if you were going to like it or not.

regular Huel 1.0 = the vanilla was good, didn’t care too much for chocolate, it was alright, but got tired of it fast.

regular Huel 3.0 = hated the vanilla, liked the chocolate.

Black edition Huel 1.0 = hated the chocolate, liked the vanilla.

But they’ve really stepped it up with all these new flavors and even the hot and savory line too.

So now I’m pretty excited to try the brand new black edition v1.1 chocolate and vanilla. I expect them to be as good as everything else new lately.

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So glad to hear you are enjoying the new flavors!!! We would love feedback regarding the changes to Black Edition when you give it a try too :slight_smile: