Pasta Bolognese has arrived in the USA 🍝

Courtesy of Huel’s New Product Development team wizards you can now get yourself a nutritionally complete, ready in 5 minutes, Pasta Bolognese :exploding_head:

This means you Hueligans can enjoy the rich, indulgence of classic Italian food while still eating nutritionally complete!

:yum: Delicious
:alarm_clock: Ready-to-eat in 5 minutes
:muscle: High in protein - 25g per serving
:tomato: 27 vitamins & minerals
:bar_chart: 100% nutritionally complete
:hotsprings: Just add boiling water

We’ve made this with penne, not spaghetti, for ease and it really packs that bolognese flavour while still being vegan! We’ve given it a 0/3 for spice :hot_pepper: and it’s the same price as our other Hot & Savory flavors.

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Looking forward to trying it. I like the two pastas I’ve tried so far. Mac n cheese and the Cajun pasta. Mixed one scoop of each mind you.

So excited for this @Tim_Huel. :tada: My favorite flavor!!

Let us know how it goes when you give it a try!

So it’s been discontinued after the launch 8 months ago?

Not discontinued, it was just out of stock! But it’s back now :blush: