New Cajun Pasta & Chick’n Pasta in the USA! 🇺🇸

Finally, we have launched our Cajun Pasta and Chick’n & Mushroom Pasta in the USA :us: We know you’ve been waiting for this day, we have too!

We promise it was worth the wait! Here’s what you need to know!

  • real spices like turmeric, smoked paprika, coriander, and cumin
  • 25g of plant-based protein
  • all 27 vitamins and minerals
  • and high fiber
  • 400 calories per serve

If by now you aren’t on our website ordering yet frankly I’m shocked, so get yourself to now!


Stoked. Can’t wait to try them.

I can’t wait. Can you give me more information on the pasta that’s used? Is it still stay fairly lower carb? Huel has been essentially in keeping my sugars intake in line.

Oh, wow. My problem with H&S was texture, so pasta could be brilliant.

Sure can! :grin: The pasta is from durum wheat and it’s not low carb. I did want to note the pasta flavors of Hot and Savory do have a bit of fiber in there too (6 grams per serving) so that may be another consideration.

We have a bunch more information on the ingredients in Hot and Savory products (including the pasta flavors) here, if you’re interested too!

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Ordered it with my refer a friend code. So its extra special. ETA this Thursday!!! After 2 weeks of hiking and enjoying Arizona eating Huel powder and bars it will be a nice change.

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What a gorgeous sight, @Huel4Bill ! :heart_eyes: Enjoy that Huel package and thanks for sharing.

i just got these and they are easily the best H&S flavors.

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Really like the chik’n and mushroom

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Glad you’re loving the Chick’n and Mushshroom @enduro0125 . I just love when that flavor of chives hit :fire:

I just tried the Cajun Pasta today. Other than it needing a little salt, it was delicious. The pasta was done to perfection and just enough heat in it to enjoy it. Definitely adding it permanently to my subscription.

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Happy to hear @acolecobob, sounds like its going to be a favorite flavor for you! Are you into truffle oil? If so, I highly suggest drizzling a little on, it tastes wonderful. :raised_hands:

What is going on with the Chick’n Mushroom being out of stock? I’ve been waiting for 2 months to come back in stock.

I’ve been a Hueligan for a few months now, but brand new to the Forum!

I have the Hot & Savory almost every day at work, it’s great! So far, I’ve tried 4 flavors: Mexican Chili, Mac & Cheez, Cajun Pasta, and the Chick’n & Mushroom.

IMO, for me personally, both the Chili and the Cajun Pasta are too spicy, and the Mac & Cheez and Chick’n & Mushroom too bland. I’ve found a wonder alternative is to mix it up! 1 scoop of each of Chili and Mac work very well together. The Cajun pasta and the Chick’n & Mushroom work very well together too!

I haven’t yet tried any of the curries. Has anyone else tried blending flavors of Hot & Savory?

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New Hueligan, had my first serving yesterday and it was the Cajun Pasta. I misread the instructions and used too much water, but the taste was amazing. Today I had Huel powder for breakfast for the first time, liked how filling it was and that it wasn’t too sweet. Just finished having Mexican Chili for lunch and it was fantastic. Looking forward to saving time, money, and eating more plant based meals with Huel.

Welcome to the US Huel forum @BlairWh and @jquest71!

You can certainly mix 1 scoop of different Hot and Savory flavors and I do this a bunch too. :slight_smile: 1 scoop each of Mac and Cheeze and Mexican Chili is definitely a favorite.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying Huel. It’s definitely all about trial and error when it comes to preparation too and figuring out what consistency you enjoy best!

Let us know if you have any additional questions, concerns, or feedback. Always happy to chat!

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Hi All -

I’m a fan of the yellow coconut curry and green thai curry, though both need a dash of soy & hot chili paste or sriracha for flavor.

The mexican chili doesn’t taste like any chili I’ve had in my lifetime, but is edible once I douse it with super hot sauce. That said, I wouldn’t order it again, and probably won’t even eat the bag I opened if I have other options in the house.

I was super excited for the pastas…then I tried to eat them. I honestly have no idea how anyone can swallow a bite of the Chk’n & Mushroom or Cajum flavor pasta, nonetheless find them enjoyable.

I’m not a picky person at all, and rarely get sick - but the Chk’n & Mushroom instantly triggered my gag reflex. Literally. The Cajun flavor was also vile (to me) and I couldn’t force myself to swallow the first bite. Truly inedible - at least for me.

I checked the expiration dates on the pastas - and both ‘should’ still be good, but I simply can’t imagine how that’s possible.

Is it just me?

Gutted to hear they aren’t to your preference @elin. Was it the texture or the taste of the Chkn Mushroom? I don’t really understand how you could be so adverse to every variety you’ve tried. While I appreciate they aren’t to everyone’s taste, not much is, I’m surprised you hate them so much. No criticism of you, just surprise from me.

Huel is there to be tweaked and changed to your preferences! So this is an awesome hack and something I do myself. But it sounds like these 2 flavours are the ones for you?

As a new Heuligan that is on his first order, I did the Cajun pasta and the Mac n cheese per the suggestion of my coworker and I do one scoop of each for a meal. Turns out great with 6 oz of hot water, and I add a small dollar of sour cream. I’m not worried about it staying vegan.
Also, the strawberry shortcake black powder goes really well with almond milk, and only adds 60 calories.

I’m hesitant to try any other products, since you don’t offer trial sizes, and nothing can be returned. I would be interested to hear when you begin offering one or both of these options, but unfortunately, I just can’t keep spending so much money on bags of H&S that I consider inedible. Is there a way to notify me when trials become available?