Opinion from a nutritionist

My wife mentioned that I ordered Huel to a nutritionist where she works. Her initial response was “I am not familiar with that product, but 400 calories seems awful high for a protein shake”

Now, I realize there is the issue with my wife not being familiar with Huel, trying to explain it to a nutritionist who admitted to not being familiar with Huel.

Is this a common reply from someone not familiar with Huel? Maybe I can ask if she could research the product and then give me her opinion after that? While this person is not my doctor, and I don’t need her blessing to use it, I would have been nice to have an independent (but informed) opinion from someone experienced in nutrition/dietary needs.

I dont think she has the proper information since she said ‘for a protein shake’, probably didn’t look into the nutrition label at all or ingredients from what it sounds like.

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Huel should be considered a meal, not a protein shake. Just because it’s in powdered form it does not mean that it lacks all of the essential nutrients of a meal.

For protein shakes I usually go for 120-200 per serving. If you were to ever feel that 400 is too high you can always take a half serving.

Justin and David are spot on. Usually what happens is a nutritionist will look at the front of pack and not properly look at the back.
As soon as they look closer they will see the low GI carbs, low sugar, packed full of omega-3 and -fats, fibre and 27 essential vitamins and minerals.
This article may help their understanding: https://huel.com/pages/why-huel-is-not-a-meal-replacement

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