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Just wondering how Huel determined exactly what micro and macro nutrients were going to be in this product. There are so many conflicting ideas out there on what is necessary for optimum health. I just read an article about “blue zones” where people live the longest and they seem to eat high carb diets featuring lots of beans. Then you have the Ketogenic folks that promote high fat, and even carnivores that promote all meat. How did Huel determine what they considered to be the healthiest levels of protein, fat, and carbs, and what other nutrients were needed for optimal health?

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I completely agree with you, it can be difficult to navigate the murky waters of nutrition with so many fad diets claiming to be the best. We think it’s so important to not support fad/buzzword nutrition and instead create complete nutritional products that provide the macro & micronutrients that are required for optimal health - that’s what we’ve done with Huel.

Huel has been formulated to meet the US Daily Values (DV) for all macro and micronutrients & provides a sustained source of energy and has a wealth of other benefits. The DV values are what’s accepted as enough of each nutrient to meet the requirements of the population. Take a look at [] which explains more about the Huel formula.


Yeah, there is no main consensus on what is best for macro-nutrients. Especially since most cells in the body can use carbs or fats to make ATP and will change this ratio depending on many different factors: your hormone levels, your physical activity level, your genetic sensitivity to hormones, your sex, your level of stored body fat, etc… Only our brain cells “need” sugar to live. Most other cells flex between carbs and fats.

There are a few things most nutritionists can agree upon:

  1. Water is best liquid to drink
  2. Too much sugar is bad for you
  3. Broccoli is the most healthy food out there.

No matter which nutritionist you talk to, they all recommend broccoli. Apparently it can do no wrong.

[Edit] I’m pretty sure cost effectiveness was also a factor in the Huel people determining what they put in their product. After all, Huel ain’t a charity.

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@Deron That’s because broccoli is delicious!!


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