Not hungry on Huel only diet

I had been using Huel as a replacement for one meal a day for a few weeks, but I was sabotaging myself by eating unhealthily at other meals and snacking. So I took the plunge and am now on Huel almost exclusively (I’ve had about one serving of vegetables a day at lunch too). I did this to simplify my diet and hopefully boost weight loss.
The concern I have is that I’m not hungry enough to consume more than three Huel drinks a day. I had been aiming for four and just find myself full and unable to drink that fourth one, sometimes three is even hard to finish.
I’ve only been doing this for four days and I’m hoping it’s just my body adjusting, but I’m concerned I’m not getting everything my body needs because I’m simply not eating enough.
Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Just eat as much as you feel you need. You’ll be fine. You don’t actually need to get 100% RDA of nutrients every day. The body can recycle micronutrients if needed. Any excess body fat can be accessed and released for energy if needed and if insulin levels are low enough. In fact, eating less calories is perhaps one of the reasons the Intermittent Fasting method works so well for body fat loss.

Check this out:


Thanks Deron. The article and your insight is helpful.

I have had this experience myself with Huel. It is totally fulfilling and keeps me from feeling like eating. For me, this was a completely new experience. I have never not noticed a meal time passing away before. But I agree with Deron, and if my body is happy, then I am happy. I still keep an eye on my calorie intake and my energy levels, but don’t worry too much if I’m at a high calorie deficit for the day as long as I feel good.