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I’ve been taking huel now everyday, every meal for over a month now. Love the product. Huge time saving and never waste food now. Also makes traveling a breeze. We incorporate into our kids diet when we can as well. Being in the Military and being in the field for long periods, it’s great alternative to MREs considering their are no vegan MREs. Thanks.

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I’ve seen some of the postings about not receiving their orders on time… and I would like to say I ordered on the website, selected “track delivery” option, they gave me an estimated delivery date and the box was here the exact day I expected. Please be patient, it’s worth it!

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I’ve been using Huel steadily since November and Huel has become a staple of my daily diet. Almost always one in the morning and one more during the rest of the day depending on whether I have had a big lunch or am planning to eat a big dinner. I have lost weight, since I started 5 months ago. Went from 197 lbs down to 188 lbs. 188 was too low for me; it was making my face look “drawn” so I’m back to maintaining around 190 pounds. I use the bottled refrigerated vanilla Huel when I’m in a hurry; mix the vanilla Huel in the blender when I have a few minutes. I think Huel is a great product. I feel that I have some control over my weight with just a few minutes effort each day. I am a very satisfied customer.

I am still a fairly new Huel user.

I have had trouble working this into my daily routine because I work the “graveyard shift” with only one or two nights off a week.

I just started my second bag of vanilla purchased a few months ago on Amazon, and I’m about half way through my first(of two) bags of chocolate ordered direct from the Huel website.

Although both flavors are a bit gritty and grainy in texture, I find both flavors to be tasty, with the nod going to chocolate as the better tasting of the two. IMHO

I see promise in this product that I have found lacking in most other products of this type.

I am using Huel to help me lose weight, and to make sure that I get the nutrition that I need to help me regain my health.

I’m still not up to daily use yet, but I would like to get to the point where I am on Huel for at least 90% of my food intake.

Thanks to you all(y’all in TEXAS) for this great forum.


Well I have to say I’m not impressed what so ever, I ordered the black edition banana and chocolate flavours, the banana is undrinkable, the chocolate is slightly more sufferable but still disgusting, really disappointed, I feel I have wasted my money, I’ve only had two scoops out of the banana and feel like throwing it away I won’t be using it, what a complete waste of my money

Huel is thoroughly ok…but I no longer buy it cause they are way too strict on how much money you have to spend at once. I would spend more money more often and over time with huel if I could buy what I wanted and not at $400 a pop for out of stock flavors and buying in bulk when I dont need that much at a time. If huel were better at customer service I would spend more money over all…than them telling me how much i have to spend at a time when specials come up that i cant get cause im already over stocked cause they make me buy too much and buy flavors I cont want just to fullfill an order.

Just buy Ka’Chava it’s way easier and tastes better. It mixes better and the customer service is not as vapid. It’s easier to attain quantities that are realistic without a huge commitment and price point.