New user, not Shipping

I ordered a startup pack over a week ago and I still haven’t got any confirmation my items shipped yet, I tried to reach out through email to Girl support twice and no response. Any one else having this issue?

have you looked in My Account, under Subscription or Order History, to see if your order was received?
did you get an email confirmation acknowledging that you in fact DID place an order, with a receipt showing you what items that you ordered?
^^ at the bottom of this email (towards) there should be a link to Track your shipment ^^
same email should also tell you which carrier is delivering your package. you can try contacting them directly to find out where your package is in the shipping process.

Yeah I got an email saying they received the order and that it was on the way but never got any tracking info or confirmation it sent. I know I ordered because I used Amazon pay. And it took money out of my account.

check the email again and look towards the bottom of the notice…after the receipt box there should be some more text. two or three lines down there should be a sentence telling you that you can track your package by clicking on a link if you don’t want to wait for it. something to that effect.
good luck with that. i’m waiting for my second order to arrive just now…I CAN’T WAIT!!

Heyo. I’ll PM you now for more info.