Consuming 3000+ calories worth of Huel ok?


Would it be safe to eat 3000+ calories worth of huel everyday? I would like to resume my bodybuilding hobby and I want to go 100% huel but I will need to eat more than 3000 cal worth of huel to meet my goals. Is it safe to eat that much huel and not get too much of any micronutrients?

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Hi - There are safe upper limits of some micronutrients, but these are based more on supplementary intake and, as energy requirements increase, so will requirements for other nutrients. Yes, over 3,000 calories of Huel per day will be great.

Keep us posted on your progress. (I bodybuild too - albeit recreationally)


Ah, so if eating too much, or nearly too much, of a vitamin (compared to the recommended daily value) is from a natural source such as plants, it is not as harmful as if it were from taking a vitamin? (serious question) :slight_smile:

The upper dosage of vitamin c is about 1,000-2000 mg a day for the average person, and even at my 5 servings daily its under 500 mg. I haven’t done the math on all of the vitamins, but I trust the people at Huel, and I am feeling great at my 4 servings a day, thinking of upping to 5/6. I’m pretty sure you can only get too many vitamins from taking wayyy too many vitamin pills, hence the supplementary intake.

I do not want to comment on safety, but I have consumed 3500 per day on several days without issue. 2500 is my minimum. If I get less, I will get weaker the next day. 3000 is perfect for me to thrive with basic exercise, which is all I am up to yet. I plan to keep pushing the limits of this, so I am trying to get at least 3000 per day spread out as evenly as I can, but if I am going to work out heavy, I will go for 3500 or more. I do notice that higher calorie intake kill of most of any muscle pain after the workout. If I have any soreness, I just drink more Huel and it passes pretty quickly.

I think the biggest danger is not getting enough good calories. If all you put in is good, the minimum is probably ok, but interesting things happen with sustained higher calories, in my experience thus far. I think so many people ar focused on minimum and maximum, but I say listen to what your body tells you. If you lack a little energy and muscle pump, that would be signs of not enough. If you have surplus energy and cannot expend it, you have had too much. Once you start listening carefully, it will tell you what it needs. Going all Huel and water, you will hear what your body is telling you much clearer.

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