Huel Black Peanut Butter thinner consistency and hungry faster?

I just received and tried Huel Black Peanut Butter. I had been consuming Huel Black Coffee Carmel and Vanilla. Both of those were thick and filling like a shake. The Peanut Butter, while I love the taste it seems to be a much thinner consistency, I don’t feel as full and I’m hungry WAY faster than with the Coffee Carmel or Vanilla, they seem to fill me up for a long time. I’m also much thirstier with the peanut butter. I have tried leaving in the refrigerator overnight too.

Any suggestions? I’m going to try mixing with vanilla next but would like to hear if anyone else has had the same experience.

Hey Chall,
Please drop our team an email as we would like to look into the batch number from the pouch of Peanut Butter you have! Send us an email with the info you just provided in addition to the batch number located on the back of your pouch at :blush: