Huel in the Wild

Hey Huelers!

Have you ever seen anyone wearing a Huel shirt while out and about? How about anyone drinking Huel? We’d love to hear about any random Huel encounters you’ve had. Feel free to share your stories!



I saw a friend from high school post about it on Instagram and I thought that was cool!


I wore my shirt the other day but-

  1. It’s a size too small
  2. I like t-shirts with pockets to hold my phone so I’ll probably give it away

Still haven’t seen the logo anywhere at all! Which surprises me.

I wore my Huel shirt out and about the other day. I love getting the chance to show off the brand name. This fall, I might consider buying a Huel hoodie

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I love the name of this thread :joy::joy:

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Just waiting for the Huel men’s unitard shorts to become available. Who’s with me on this?


I think that’s a great idea, @JKDOS :wink:


I mean, I think you’re really onto something. Huelers are such trendsetters. :sunglasses:


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