NEW FLAVOR ANNOUNCEMENT! v3.0 & Black Edition - Cinnamon Roll!

Your favorite treat at the mall can now turn into a daily delicious breakfast treat :wink:

Today we are launching a new flavor. Cinnamon Roll. It’s a lightly spiced cinnamon flavor we know so many of you will love.

And, we are launching this in our v3.0 and Black Edition, so no matter which side you’re on you can enjoy it!

Here’s a recap of what you can expect :point_down:

:white_check_mark: 100% complete nutrition - contains all 27 essential vitamins, minerals, and more

:muscle: High-protein meal

:candy: Low sugar

:herb: Additional pro- and prebiotics

:earth_africa: All suitable for vegans!

We are quickly rolling this out across all our stores, but if you can’t see it yet don’t worry, you will be able to order it by the end of the day!

Any questions (or just general excited comments!) pop them below!


Is the pricing on the new Huel Black Cinnamon Roll supposed to be more? Maybe because it’s a new flavor? There is nothing saying it is priced different than the other flavors. I just noticed it when updating my subscription.

Hi! I just dropped you a DM to explain further :pray:t3:

Was hoping you could clarify this for the rest of us. Just subscribed after a bit of a hiatus and noticed the same thing.

Cinnamon Roll rocks!! I’m really happy with it.

Oh yes! Is this your new favorite? :sunglasses:

Banana and Cinnamon Roll tied for first.