New Black Edition Strawberry Shortcake Review

I’ve been using Huel Powder since April of 2019 and have always preferred neutral Vanilla and was content…until we tried this one…you guys killed it! (still waiting for Banana Rum & Orange Cream-sickle tho)

Ive been blending this with either fresh or frozen strawberries and maybe some banana, but it really doesn’t matter whether you use plant milks or water…its that good! Cant wait to try the Black Edition Peanut Butter next…outstanding!


Stoked to hear you are loving the Strawberry Shortcake! Keep us posted on how you like the Peanutbutter :wink:

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Hi Maksim,

Honestly, I think the peanut butter has a very strong aroma…so I cut it with the Vanilla to make it more palatable…so not my favorite, but Its all a matter of preference as my (picky) wife loves it! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with (PLZ do orange creamsicle & bourbon vanilla)!



Mix Black Strawberry w/ black banana. A little ice and you are good to go!

The strawberry shortcake black is delicious. Sweet, but not overly so.

I find it less sweet than the vanilla black and easier to eat every day.
It strangely never gets tiresome.