MyFitnessPal - 2 scoops


Does anyone know how many grams are in a scoop? I am just having 2 scoops a meal and trying to calculate it on MFP.



Quick answer: 50g per scoop, or 100g per “standard” 2 scoop meal (according to the ratio on the Huel packaging)

The exact amount will vary depending on how much the powder is packed into the scoop. For precise measuring, it’s best to use a food scale, of course. I measured out my first few servings and found a loose scop was about 42-48 g and a packed/leveled scoop was up around 56-60g. For the purpose of MFP, I would probably use 50g/scoop consistently. Many people know there is a little leeway in the amount, and therefore calories are always an approximation in those apps. It’s too difficult to calculate what might be residual left in the bottle before cleaning and other variables like that.