My Preparation for a 365 Day Journey - Huel as my "primary" source of fuel for a year


I have tremendous respect for you, mate, and you have inspired me to get back on the Huel horse and try again. I never minded the taste, but the grtittiness and inability to mix thoroughly in the shaker no matter how hard I shook it just turned me off . Leaving it in the fridge overnight helped with the grit, but then the mixture got super gummy which also turned me off. I am now looking into buying a Nutribullet to get rid of the chunky gritty issue. Has anyone tried Huel in a Nutribullet?

I hope to , at least partially, join you in your Huel journey. Thank you for posting!


For the average 100%-er, there are lots of snack options that provide satisfactory chewing without adding major calories or carbs: pickles (indeed, pickled anything), celery and raw veg. of all sorts, apples. @Chris_H, consider widening your very restrictive menu to include raw veg. at least, a/o pickles, for variety of taste and texture in a year-long trek.


@fernly Hi Dave … good point on adding options for chewing … My “goal” is to go as simple, clean, and efficient as possible - at least at first … want to “play around” with “being uncomfortable” for awhile :-):sunglasses: @Ze_Cat I do like to use one of those electric smoothie wands to mix (have not tried blender or bullet yet. Thanks for your post … we can do it if we set our minds to it!


Somebody looking to publish should submit some of you as patient cases to a nutrition journal after your Huel only period finishes.


If I may ask, how much coffee or caffeine do you normally have each day?


@Deron - between three and six cups coffee / tea per day …


Whoa. That’s gonna be a big changup for you to go from about 200 - 300 mg caffeine per day to zero.

Just curious as to why you are choosing a no-caffeine approach during your Huel-only diet. And it’s not a judgement thing at all. I myself do only 10 mg of caffeine per day most days from my decaf tea or the chocolate powder in Huel. In essence, I don’t really consume caffeine. But I am very sensitive and was also diagnosed with Tourettes as a child. So, avoiding caffeine is beneficial to me. I get jittery, paranoid, my ticks come back, and it’s counter-productive if I have too much.

However, several studies show that modest amounts of caffeine are not only safe but also beneficial to most people. And there may be other health benefits to having a cup of coffee per day. I think consuming coffee may even be associated with a lower incidence of Alzheimer’s later in life.

I can almost see caffeine abstinence as part of an ascetic approach to a fasting or Huel-only lifestyle. To limit and deprive the body of non-essential nutrients. Asceticism as a word is usually seen as something negative. A person denies himself of worldly pleasures. But asceticism can also be seen as a form of mental and physical training. By not indulging in these extra things (sugary foods, coffee, deserts, elaborately cooked meals, caffeine) your brain is free to focus on more spiritual or person things. Fasting in itself is a form of asceticism because you deny yourself food for a period of time in order to focus on spiritual issues. You understand that you do need food to live, but you also choose not to eat for a particular time. You suffer minor discomfort, but this helps keep you grounded. You learn that you don’t have to indulge every time you see food. You become more resilient mentally and physically. Life is not always gonna give you abundance, so you better prepare youself for life by intentionally denying yourself basic pleasures for a while. Food is there. But you can choose not to eat it for a while and you’ll still be fine. That hamburger is just a 5 minute drive away in the drive-through, but you can choose to consume Huel instead. It may not taste as good as a burger, but you get more benefit from the Huel, both physically and mentally.

I feel that my IF and Huel have given me more benefits that just “losing weight”. I have seen other benefits in my life. I am no spiritual guru. But I get benefits far beyond just being skinnier. In some ways I now see that my cravings for certain foods were child-like. Habitual. And when I first started using Huel and practicing IF, my brain would actually protest and throw fits. My “inner toddler” was challenging my decision to not eat these things. It has opened my eyes to just how much I followed my primitive and habitual nature when it came to food.

(I am rambling now.)


@Deron - For me, and my journey, the use of Huel is only one part of what I am trying to accomplish over a 365 day period. I am making radical and abrupt changes (“radical and abrupt” by my standards - not necessarily anyone else’s :sunglasses: …) in most of my daily “inputs” and “processing” in hopes of achieving different “outputs” or outcomes. Just a personal experiment with N=1.


There will be no placebo controlled, double blind trial going on here. N = 1. Just one man’s journey to test himself. I like that.


T-1 day til Nov 1st: Well, the quest begins tonight at midnight. Interesting to note that my last day for hedonistic consumption falls on All Hallows’ Eve (while the Nov 1st start date was intentional, Oct 31st as last day for consumption of non-Huel items was not :sunglasses:. As an FYI, some of the other changes I will be making for 365 days as of midnight include (but not limited to): no caffeine, no political news, sleeping on the floor, new sleep window (i.e., timing window), only positive/uplifting entertainment (i.e., TV, movies, music, etc.), mindfulness each morning, movement each morning, - with an overall goal of Clean, Simple, and Efficient in all things (no harm, no fear, compassion for all, seek truth, seek the present). Let the games begin!


And thanks to Huel , they will not be hunger games. Good luck, my friend.


Day 1 of 365: And, we’re off … I will likely fast today in an effort to draw down the glycogen stores that are surely “topped-off” after the consumption of large quantities of All Hallows’ Eve goodies last night (as part of my “last supper”) …




Day 2 of 365: Note to self (and others who might benefit for this “obvious” insight) going “full-stop” on nicotine, caffeine, and old foods on the same day, at the same time, can (and will) result in significant disruption and turmoil :sunglasses:. Wile day one was a success (Huel only for fuel) I did not “fast” for day one as contemplated - ultimately consumed 8 scoops of vanilla throughout the afternoon … will (of course, increase the number of scoops per day to about 15.


Um, that’s your first mention of Old Nick (O’Teen), who’s the very devil of an addiction. Are you seriously trying to kick a tobacco habit simultaneous with a major dietary change?


Yup … kicked “tobacco” a number of years back, but have continued to use “Old Nick (O’Teen)” gum and lozenges for more years than I would ever want to admit publicly … was doesn’t kill me, will …


Well good luck with all that!

I recall some years ago when my wife and I kicked our cigarette habits, we used nicotine gum. First single pieces of gum, then after a couple weeks, started cutting the gum, which came as little brick-shaped pieces, in half. Then in quarters. When I started cutting them into eighths I thought, OK, we’re done now, and stopped.

Point, such as it is, if this proves a stumbling block to your whole program, consider a planned taper.


Day 3 of 365: Interesting to note how much time I used to spend deciding what, where, and when to eat, as well as, time spent obtaining and/or preparing meals and the related clean-up. Also interesting to note the “many” ways I used food - above and beyond “fuel”. - - I am very tired, very agitated, and generally unhappy - - This is not related to Huel, but rather, my insistence on a full-stop for “old” food and a number of other vices - all at the same time …


Day 4 of 365: This will be my last post on this chain/string for awhile. As some of you have anticipated (possibly all of you anticipated…) - I tried to change too much too quickly … full stop on complex carbs, nicotine, and caffeine was untenable for me. I need to re-evaluate a path forward … thanks to all for the kind words of support!


fwiw, i don’t think you need to stop. You already learned the all-or-nothing approach has a high probability of falling short of the goal.

So what? Tomorrow is another day. Every day is an opportunity to focus on doing better than yesterday.

Keep posting. You already have followers here. I know I wouldn’t attempt the climb you have proposed, but you aren’t going to reach the peak of Everest if you go home after the first set back.

Share your thoughts on the next track you want to try.

(If you want to)