My favorite savory U/U recipe so far

Thai Huel

100g U/U Huel
16g PB powder
16oz Original V8
4oz+ Water
Sriracha to taste

560 calories

The PB powder and two cups of V8 make it significantly more filling than plain Huel.


Nice. I’m saving that one.

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Let me know what you think if you try it!

Thai food is my weakness. Def going to have to try this one out. :yum:


Sounds perfect.
The huel flavor packets just didn’t work for me to chemically flavored for me.
I found another possibly option that fits this post.
MicroIngredients Superfoods offers products like Organic Juice Powders one of them is beet juice powder they also have pomegranate powder & Goji Berry so yeah natural products, no additives & great flavors.