Missing Bag...again :(


I just recieved my order in the mail. I ordered the same number of salted carmel as I did last time (2) and only recieved 1 bag. My order was shipped to me in a box that only fits 3 Huel bags. Could you guys ship me my other bag of salted carmel please? Also, could you make sure you don’t forget my second bag next time? :smiley:



You’d probably have quicker results by emailing them. They seem to be very responsive here, but for CS issues, email is probably the best and quickest way to go. :+1:

Have sent you a message to assist you on this matter :blush:

I was missing something on my very first shipment and emailed them, they sent and entire variety box of the meal bars and a big apology. I had only ordered 1 bar to try the taste. I was very impressed with their customer service.

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