Mac and Cheeze new pasta - still contains gluten?


The original H&S Mac and Cheeze is my favorite Huel product, so I’m curious about how the new formula will taste. To my main point: does this new formula still contain gluten (e.g. wheat pasta)? Are there plans to make any of the pasta-centric H&S flavors gluten free in some way?

A gluten-free, vegan Mac & Cheeze would be my daily lunch if it existed. Heck, I’d even buy a “Cheeze” H&S powder and supply my own GF “Mac” if that were ever an option. Just some plant-based food for thought :grin:


I’m afraid the new formula does still contain gluten. While I’m unaware of anything coming up in the near future for this, it is a highly requested option and we make sure to pass this feedback on to the product team, if enough people ask we might be able to make it happen! So thank you for your suggestion, I will of course make sure to pass this along for you.