Lot: BC20279 is Rancid throw it out

Hi there I recently received on monday my Order #1113256-US of 3 Gluten-Free Strawberry Huel 3.0 bags. I have been a Huel subscriber for years and eat it every day because of a severe digestive condition that doesn’t allow me to eat solid food. I always get this same order and normally love it but these bags I received smell terrible, taste rancid, and it upset my stomach. There is a serious problem with this Lot # BC20279.

In fact, in the middle of last January I received bags from this exact same lot BC20279 and they had the exact same problem. When I asked for replacements they sent me bags from the exact same lot again which also smelled and tasted horrible, like some ingredients had gone bad. I was told they will fix this with the quality control team and they sent me bags from a different lot.

Here I am two months later and I have been sent rancid Huel bags again from the exact same lot as before. Please can you please fix this and get rid of the bags from this lot already it is very annoying and I extremely do not want to receive them again.

I have emailed the above to support@huel.com just now with pictures of the information on the bags and I am posting here to get more awareness to the huel team of this problem.

Thank you,
David Miller

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Hey @davidbearaiu,
Thanks for the heads up.
Glad you emailed the team and let us know!