Leucine content in Huel

Hello, I’m a happy consumer of Huel. Love all the flavors and the way it helps me maintain a balanced diet.

I found out that excess intake of leucine (which Huel is pretty rich in) can cause different adverse effects.

Not only it was shown to spike IGF-1 but also to inhibit the body’s ability to produce Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B3 and, prolonged, could lead to deficiency diseases.

I am not hypoglycemic but it is worth noting that people who suffer from hypoglycemia could suffer from lowering sugar levels to dangerous limits, as a result of leucine excess.

It seems like Huel reaches an excess amount of leucine when consuming 2+ portions, which most probably many people here do.

I would want to know what is the outlook on this and if there should be adjustments to Huel within that regard.

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Interesting topic. I’m no expert but it would look like about 4.5 grams per day, from what I’m reading that doesn’t look like a concern and would be well in limit. A quick google looks like some have proposed about .53 mg per Kg per day but again, especially if active this doesn’t look like a concern? Maybe others with more knowledge will chime in.

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Perhaps @Charlotte_Huel or someone could help.

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Hey @linchuxf - welcome to the US Huel Forum :slight_smile:

So glad to hear this! :heart:

Really interesting - I’ve personally not heard this before and with a quick search of PubMed & Google, I am only locating a few studies on rodents, and nothing conclusive. Would you be able to send along the links to the research on this that you reference? What is the amount that they reference as the limit? I’d love to take a look and chat through further!

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