Is this HUEL review accurate?

Have you seen this video review? Is it accurate?

I would like to hear from those of you who are reviewing the nutritional components of Huel.

Thank you

There’s a positive and a negative to this.

The positive is our Head of Nutrition has already commented on this over on the UK forum:

The negative is I didn’t get to rip into this review myself.


Mic tends to promote whole food plant based diets. I have seen many of his videos. So naturally he will not be a fan of any meal-replacement or complete-meal such as Huel or Soylent.

Huel isn’t trying to replace a whole food plant based program, per se. It is complementary to one, though. Eating a properly prepared whole food meal, with as much seasoning as you want, usually eaten hot/warm, in a sit-down relaxed setting is the most ideal way to eat a meal. And this is possible for most of us at least one meal a day. But many working people must endure at least one meal a day which requires some kind of compromise in terms of settings and availability of facilities. Or people resort to obtaining a fast food option, of which most are not ideal for a whole food plant based diet. So Huel has become a “best-fit-curve” or a best possible alternative for these situations. It manages to be convenient, affordable, plant-based, and nutritionally well rounded. It’s a product that any person practicing a whole food plant-based diet can consume with confidence and know that he/she is not deviating from the core principals of said diet. What winds up in the intestines is nutritionally very similar to eating an actual whole food plant based meal.

Today I ate a “power bowl” at home. Cauliflower diced, white rice, boiled green banana, black beans, and salsa. Afternoon snack was 3 servings of fruit. And my dinner was a Huel shake. The Huel complements my overall daily diet. I don’t even worry about Huel not being a fully whole food. In fact, thanks to Huel, I got some B12 and some omega 3s that probably weren’t in my earlier stuff.

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His review is for the 1.0 powder Huel, I would love to hear what he thinks about the 1.1 version’s changes. I think Mic the Vegan is pretty fair since he doesn’t just pick on one of the meal replacement brands and uses many studies to break down the options available.

Effectively what he says is very common sense though, do not make anything your 100% only option.

To be honest I feel a lot of his (incorrect) points would still stand for v1.1. In both versions there are:

  • MCT powder
  • ground oats
  • think that we are trying to appeal to keto diets
  • Argue wrongly about leucine
  • Try and slate vitamin A.

A lot of the time people misunderstand what Huel is or have not looked into the ingredients and nutritional properly.

I do agree variety is the spice of life. A balanced whole food is the best, but people don’t always have access to a kitchen or the time to buy, prep, cook and clean up. If they can’t make the time because they lead extremely busy lives, then Huel can help them ensure their diet doesn’t suffer.

oh yeah, I forgot about that statement he made. There is no way that Huel has ever called itself “keto”. The powder is like, what, 60% oat powder by volume? That right there shuts down his argument.