Is the t-shirt too smol in the shoulders for anyone else

Great t shirt materials btw

Just the fit seems small for my shoulders

Do British peoples have small shoulders?

the t-shirt is a fitted style with shorter arms apparently… for “fit” people who like to show off their guns… I ordered an XL and it was snug on my large frame. I gave it to my “fit” son who loves it.

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Absolutely. Here is British strongman Eddy Hall, current world record holder for deadlift. Very dainty shoulders. I bet they’re smooth and soft, too.



His arm is like 3x the size of my face

too bad his shoulder is too smol


I got my free 2XL shirt that fits more like a large that stretches. I would much have a looser fitting shirt, if they offered 3XL or even 4XL it might work better for me.

i ain’t got no small shoulders. seems to fit me ok.