Is Selenium dangerous?

Ok I don’t want to scare anyone as I am not sure if even I know if this is true but, if you look at the ingredients in huel theres apparently some called selenium which I’ve read can cause hair loss. Is this true? I have heard that anything above 0.35 grams a day can cause issues, and there 0.20 grams in 100g of huel. So if this is the case then two shakes a day could cause hair loss. Can someone tell me this is a load of rubbish or is there any truth to it?
Great drink but not losing my hair for it :rofl:

Selenium is an essential nutrient and there’s 20mcg in 100g Huel which equals 0.00002g. So, if your 0.35g figure is correct, then you’d have to have 1,750,000g of Huel per day for it to be dangerous. You’d die of obesity first :slight_smile:


:sweat_smile: no problem, thanks for clearing my conscience!