Is Huel's vitamins and nutrients actually absorbed on the cellular level?

Is Huel’s vitamins and nutrients actually absorbed on the cellular level or is it mostly lost when digested?

Of course.

I’m not sure what distinction you are making between “absorbed” vs “digested”

It is true that some people need more of some minerals than RDA would suggest but that is more about the individual’s metabolism than a fault in the food itself.

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Great question - are you referring to bioavailability? If so, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure we take into consideration not only bioavailability, but also the type of product that Huel is (and it’s shelf-life) into consideration with the ingredients we choose.

Take a look here where we dive into this in more detail: How Well are the Vitamins and Minerals in Huel Absorbed?

In addition, to @miked 's point, when thinking about the specifics of each individual and their digestion, absorption, and utilization of nutrients, this is much more complex and depends on a ton of factors, including things like medical history too.

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