Is Huel OK for "leaky gut" syndrome and anti-inflamation?

please could you advise on whether it’s a good idea to have Huel on a daily basis when suffering from “leaky gut” syndrome? I’ve been told I need to consume foods that reduce inflammatory response.
On a related question - are there any plans to include additional L-Glutamine and Probiotics in the formula?

Hey Leo,

Huel should not affect a “leaky gut”. You could always see a Registered Dietitian to help with any dietary recommendations if you have not already.

Huel contains more than enough glutamine so it is unlikely we would add any more. You can see more about the amino acid profile of Huel here:

It’s a difficult one because the probiotics would have to be stable over shelf-life and survive in sufficient amounts in the gut, so not currently. Although Huel does not contain probiotics it does contain natural prebiotic fibres which enhance the natural flora of our gut.