Is Huel Kosher?

Subject line asks it all. Is Huel kosher certified?

Hi there! Great to hear from you and thank you for your interest in Huel! Unfortunately, Huel is not certified Kosher at the moment.

@rmsb - just following up to say that Huel and most of the flavour boost are now certified kosher by KLBD. Apart from day to day uses, this makes Huel a great kosher travel option.

You can check the latest status here:

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Just wanted to see if this was still true, and this was still kosher. I don’t see it listed on the product pages. I know something was going on with V3 which might have impacted the kosher status.

Hey @Mattk8 - welcome to the US Huel forum!

Please see below from our team in regards to US Huel products and Kosher certifications:

Huel Hot and Savory is not yet Kosher certified as we still have stock of non Kosher ingredients that are being used up first.

US Huel Powders (v3.0 and Black Edition) are in process. The team is working on the labels now and then have to submit them.

Huel Bars and Huel Ready to Drink are certified Kosher by KLBD, a European Kosher certifying body.