Interview with Huel Founder Julian Hearn

Hey Guys,

Well Huel just announced some pretty exciting news securing £20m in funding recently. So hopefully we’re going to see more to come including a ready to drink range (told by founder).

I’ve lived off Huel for 3 weeks straight and personally really enjoyed it but was lucky enough to interview the founder Julian Hearn for our podcast and YouTube recently. Not sure if of interest but he was an awesome dude and some Huelers said they found it really useful to see the man behind the business. One thing that came through is he obviously puts a lot of time and attention in to trying to deliver good service and to pay attention to appeasing his customers.

I hope you enjoy it - link here if you want it.


Thanks for sharing, @Ed_Stephens_1! If anyone stumbles upon this post, it’s a great listen. Feel free to check it out. :slight_smile:

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