I’ve been consuming Huel for over two years!

I have been using Huel for over two years. I have about 5-10 Huels Meals a week. Just wanted to share my experience as to how I have been able to keep up with this for as long as I have as a person who doesn’t normally stick to anything longer than two weeks.

  • be creative with it. Think of the powder as a base. You can add things, mix things, blend, shake, chill, cook…the varieties are endless.
  • mix it up. Change up your flavors constantly. Even if you didn’t like Berry the first time you had it (for example…the example is mine, I hated berry) give it a try again! It’s actually now my favorite flavor. I don’t know what happened but now I can’t get enough of it.
  • try cooking with it! Check out the different ways to use it. I love making waffles with it on those days when I have extra time and want to “chew” something.

Basically what I’m saying is, keep it interesting. Huel is great by itself but if you don’t change it up, you will eventually give up. Also remember that it’s okay to not use it all the time. Take a week off. Huel is a meal just like any other. If you don’t feel like eating it, skip that meal and get back into it when you want.

Hope that helps some people!


Wow 2 years…I am on my 2nd week now and I can see myself doing this into the future. Thanks for the advice.

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Thank you so much Phil! Helpful insights and tips!

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I find around the two month mark you really start to crave it. I find I miss having it when I skip a day or two. In the beginning I used to only do it on weekdays. Now I just have it when I want it, and that still leads to 5-10 a week. Which is incredible to me. I don’t see myself giving it up anytime soon.


I have been using for 4 months…@Phil—2 years :exploding_head: wow amazing. Thanks for sharing Phil. I have been looking at Huel with the mindset that this is a lifestyle change and Huel fits more and more into my Environmental and consumer needs. Amazing and Inspiring story.

Almost three years now and I’m still going strong! It’s been a complete lifestyle change for me now. I don’t even think about it anymore, it’s just part of me at this point. Keep it up!